Some F.A.Q's for the Science Centre

Common Questions:

1) Do we need to book a time to come to the centre? No, at this time we have not been busy enough to have booked time slots. Keep in mind our busiest times are Thursdays between 10 am-noon and Saturdays 11am-1pm.

2) Why are you closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? We have school field trips booked on these days. As our capacity has been reduced to 20, we cannot accommodate a school booking and members of the public at this time. While we would love to accommodate everyone, at this time, this is the safest way for school cohorts to participate in science programming.

3) When will you go back to being open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays? We will reevaluate our hours in spring based on the latest health orders and hope to have longer hours in place at that time. Keep in mind we added an extra day ( Sundays) to help accommodate the loss of two weekdays.

3) What can we expect to see when we come to the science centre? We have our regular exhibits: Prehistoric (new), rock climbing, flight simulator, reduced discovery play area, color shadows (new), creative lab ( new and in process of updates) and space experience. While the space experience was renovated in the summer, our new exhibits are taking some time to install. We know that once we get all the pieces in place, it will be a great experience.

4) When can we expect a traveling exhibit?

Our last traveling exhibit was here until August 30th, 2020. Traveling exhibits are usually booked a year in advance, With many restrictions in place, booking new exhibits have taken some time to discover new schedules and availability. We are working on securing an exhibit for this summer ( 2021) and fall /winter 2021. Traveling exhibits also start at $30,000 plus shipping and we can only have them for a few weeks. This means we need to time traveling exhibits so that we can get the best exposure for our guests but also secure funding to help support the exhibit. With an 80% drop in revenue in 2020, we need to also be cautious on our commitment. With limited attendance in place, it is crucial we find ways to support traveling exhibits that don't leave the centre at risk.

5) Why is the planetarium and the gyro chair closed? Unfortunately, at the moment we cannot run planetarium shows and gallery shows to the public. Hosting planetarium and gallery shows qualifies as an event and until the public health order restricting events changes, we are unable to continue this experience. The gyro chair does operate on the weekend, however it is usually only once a day and when we have a second staff member on site. Our goal in the future is to have this experience and the planetarium available more often.

Have a question for us? Email info@okscience.ca with any questions, concerns or comments. Thanks for supporting OSC!