Virtual Science Events

If you are looking for a positive from the past year, look no further. With the pandemic, we saw an increase in virtual events. Now, most of us are suffering from an overload of online conferencing, however, there are still some really great events that we will share with you on our Virtual Science page. The virtual events have given us the opportunity to connect and engage with scientists around the globe with most events coming in at the low cost of $0. Check out our page often as it is updated weekly. For this week, you do not want to miss the Virtual Teen Science Cafe with Dr. Christopher Impey. He is a University Distinguished Professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona as he  will be presenting "The Scariest Things in the Universe Are Black Holes" . 

Starting in January, the Maritime Museum of BC will be hosting a speaker series  where you can explore the Salish Sea, learn about ocean robotics or discover the impact of climate change on the ocean. More events posted weekly. Connect with scientists from around the globe-- what an incredible opportunity!