Unfolding the Universe with the Webb Telescope
Unfolding the Universe with the Webb Telescope

Unfolding the Universe with the Webb Telescope

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Join the Okanagan Science Centre (OSC)  and Royal Astronomical Society of Canada- Okanagan Chapter (RASC) for an incredible opportunity to hear about the James Webb Telescope.

This dynamic online webinar will be presented by Nathalie Ouellette,  Outreach Scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope in Canada.

*The webinar is part of a fundraising initiative to update the OSC's current aging planetarium projector. Donations are kindly accepted and as a registered charity, receipts are available.

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Webinar: May 26, 2022 at 6pm PST

Links to the webinar will be emailed one week before the start time. Please make sure to check your junk folders.

Astronomy is considered by many to be the oldest science; humans have observed the night sky for millenia. We have since developed tools such as telescopes to look at celestial objects that are fainter, farther away, or even in invisible parts of the light spectrum. The most important space telescope of the next decade and beyond, the James Webb Space Telescope, was just launched and is currently preparing for its scientific operations. Thanks to Webb, we will have the capacity to see farther than ever in our Universe, peer through the cosmic dust sprinkled throughout galaxies and discover and study new alien worlds. This project is an international collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency. During this talk, you'll learn all about this revolutionary telescope and Canada's crucial role in the mission.



Nathalie Ouellette is an astrophysicist, science communicator and lifetime lover of all things space! She obtained her Ph.D. in Physics & Astronomy at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in 2016. Her research focuses on galaxy formation and evolution, particularly those found in clusters. Nathalie is currently the Coordinator of the Institute for Research on Exoplanets (iREx) at the University of Montréal and is also the Outreach Scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope in Canada collaborating with the Canadian Space Agency. She is a frequent contributor and analyst in Canadian media on everything related to space. She also organises and participates in science outreach events from local to international scales to encourage the interest and participation of youth and the general public in space science and to increase scientific literacy in Canada.