Collection: Art Fundraiser

Into the Cosmos with Seeds of Hope an Art experience. By Roxi Sim Hermsen

I dedicate this show, and offer my artwork for auction, in their memory, to my parents Marg and Bill Sim, the founders of the Okanagan Science Centre.  I have donated artwork in the past, to help fund a continuing scholarship in the memory of my parents.  But I am aware that the science centre could also use help in funding new projects and to recover from the pandemic.   Therefore, I am offering this entire series of artwork, based on the cosmos.  The science centre started out as science on wheels, and the Star lab show was taken to schools all over the province.  Since its start, in 1985 in my dad’s garage, the centre has become a focal point in the community of Vernon.  Many local families, children and tourists enjoy the centre. The summer camps are wonderful, and programs offer science education to the community.  The community built this centre, based on my dad’s philosophy of win, win, win.    These paintings on auction, will become, not only art for your home, but become a conversation piece on the Science Centre and how you too helped plant seeds of hope in your community.  50% of all funds raised goes to the Science Centre. Into the Cosmos is my homage to my dad, who loved anything space and to my mum who drove Kevin all over BC to take the wonders of the universe to small communities all over BC.  The science centre was founded on space. Then one day, Bruce Aikenhead, who worked for NASA, and designed the Canada Arm, happened upon the centre and volunteers his expertise, like designing the planetarium upstairs. The centre has hosted Astronauts and Cosmonauts, and, as I said, Starlab went far and wide.    As we continue to shoot for the stars, lets also remember the earth, and nature, and huge weather events that bring out the resilience and determination of people to overcome.  I know, wherever possible, life will take hold. 

Reach for the Stars- We have a goal to reach $40,000 to update our planetarium and bring new technology to allow more shows and weekend programming. Our previous projector lasted 30+ years and has served us well. However, many parts are no longer available which means when the projector no longer works, we no longer have the option to fix it. Kevin has done thousands of planetarium shows across BC, from the early days traveling across the province to schools with the Star lab to today, with daily field trips.  Donations of $100 and more, you can have a name engraved on a star that will permanently reside in our space exhibit. Just place the name in the text block on the donation form.

December 8th, we will be launching Into the Cosmos with Seeds of Hope an Art experience by Roxi Sim Hermsen . You can bid on her art, purchase small canvases and art cards or buy it now on the larger pieces.