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There are more than 900 species of Cricket, distributed worldwide, and the Cricket has been a fixture in human culture since ancient times. Considered lucky, raised as pets or for sport (Cricket-fighting is popular in China), or incorporated into popular culture, these mostly small insects have been inspiring us with their chirping probably as long as we have existed. In English we tend to distinguish between the Cricket and other members of Orthoptera, such as the Grasshopper or Locust, but many of these insects are eaten all around the world. In many places around Asia, Africa and the Middle East crickets are sold as a fried or roasted snack, and the eating of insects for protein is a much more sustainable practice than the raising of cattle for food.


The humble House Cricket Acheta domestica is easy to raise and turns out to be quite edible. These Cricket Lollipops are made with sugar-free Maltitol and are available in four fine flavors. One of our classic items, they are an unusual way to expand your palette. Customers are often incredulous when told that the Cricket is 100% real, and sometimes even ask us if they will die if they eat it (we like to respond that we have tried all of them and we seem to be holding up so far). The cricket itself has been cleaned and cooked and is perfectly fine to eat. If this doesn’t satisfy your craving for Crickets, or you don’t have such a sweet tooth, we also offer them as a savory crunchy snack!

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