Brain 1st Program

Education is not the same. With so many questions about the new life we live in, we want to make sure one question is a little less daunting:

How do I help students get neurologically ready to learn and positively influence their social emotional learning skills in-class and at-home?

Brain 1st is a multi-purpose online tool to target social emotional learning skills and help maximize academic achievement in children ages 5-10 (grade K-5), and can be used as a tool both in-class and to get ready to learn at-home.

The program features courses that contain specific movements and activities to give the brain a "workout" each day and positively impact students to put their best foot forward.

Whether you have troubles getting children to transition between activities, focus, or stay positive, Brain 1st helps.

With remote and in-class blended learning capabilities, Brain 1st helps you prepare students to achieve their maximum potential anywhere. 

Start the first 10 minutes of your day with Brain 1st brain-boosting videos and activities and notice the way your students move, learn, and feel within a few short weeks!

Purchase a membership for at-home learning today and put your Brain 1st!

Okanagan Science Centre partners with Brain 1st to bring impactful social emotional learning to the classroom and help maximize academic achievement in students during these uncertain times. Families purchasing a membership with Okanagan Science Centre will receive a members-only discount on 1 year of the Brain 1st Program for their household.

Get your all-in-one, brain-boosting solution now!

Your annual subscription includes:

  • Library of videos and activity-based courses geared to benefit learning, mobility and behaviour in students grade K-5;

  • Remote learning capabilities for at-home to in-class transitions;

  • Core competency based self-assessments and reflections to support and apply students learning;

  • Selection of fun activities for your classroom to apply learning gains;

  • Toolbox containing a guide on choosing which course to play, an email to parents, and other helpful supplements;

  • Virtual guided on-boarding, step-by-step instruction and
 unlimited support;

  • Activity generator for P.E. classes to help promote optimal foundational movement skills in young students.

Buy Now for $99+tax or Add to Okanagan Science Centre Membership for $79+tax.