Planetarium and Space Theatre

British Columbia’s public broadcaster, Knowledge Network, proudly presents the third installment of the popular space series, Space Suite III. The series is comprised of 10 short films that explore the infinite wonders of our universe and our interactions with the cosmos accompanied by timeless classical music. From the exploration of the many secrets of our solar system, to the adventures and expansion of the human spirit, to the universe itself, the series brings us on a journey to discovering our galaxy and our relationship with it.

In partnership with Knowledge Network, the short films will be on display in the Okanagan Science Centre Theatre. The complete Space Suite series is also now available at https://www.knowledge.ca/

The Okanagan Science Centre would like to thank Knowledge Network for the opportunity to present these wonderful films.


STARLAB Outreach

Enjoy the Okanagan Science Centre’s interactive, educational programming at your own school. Our popular STARLAB show features a full-size inflatable Planetarium.

The STARLAB is a portable, inflatable planetarium dome that accommodates up to 30 students.  The STARLAB creates a dark, cloudless sky right inside your school or festival centre – a realistic representation of the night sky on the date we visit.  With three programs to choose from: Skies Above, Indigenous Skies or One Sky, Many Stories, the STARLAB is the perfect complement to your science curriculum. 

General STARLAB Information

  • The STARLAB planetarium holds a maximum of 30 people

  • STARLAB requires an indoor space of 22' x 22’, an 11' ceiling, and access to electricity.

  • Individual program length can range from 40 minutes to 1 hour

  • $250 per half day (2-3 shows) plus cost of transportation* (15 minute snack break)

  • $375 per full day (4-5 shows) plus cost of transportation* (30 minute lunch break)

*The cost of transportation is based on a round trip from the science centre. Transportation cost is $0.55/km.

To book call us at 250-545-3644 email  Subject STARLAB BOOKING FORM to info@okscience.ca.