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Okanagan Science Centre

Giant Microbes - Dino Creatures 4-Pack

Giant Microbes - Dino Creatures 4-Pack

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Hunting for a Cambrian creature to call your own? Then you’ll certainly want to collect this cuddly trilobite, five-eyed opabinia and their alluring 500-million-year-old buddies. This educational 4-piece pack include these mini microbes with key chain clips: Trilobite, Marrella, Opabinia and Wiwaxia.

Unique, memorable gift for friends, family, educators, fossil fans, nature lovers and dinosaur enthusiasts. Makes adorable companions on adventures, at home, your office, classroom and just about anywhere you may roam!

Clip them onto your backpack, luggage, keys and anywhere you go! Includes 4 plush key chains measuring 3" each.

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