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Okanagan Science Centre

Funeral Flowers for the Future (18x24)

Funeral Flowers for the Future (18x24)

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Funeral Flowers for the Future (18x24) I attended the funeral of Ashton’s brother, I had met him years back, and I felt that I should attend and be there for Ashton.  It was a visceral experience, with an open casket and fire and brimstone preacher. After, we all went to the cemetery where drumming ensued, and people put piles and piles of flowers on top of the grave.  This young girl carried a bouquet that seemed way to heavy, and yet she held them with such strength and poise.  She inspired this painting, thinking about the future she thought she might have had, but for the hurricane and climate change, then the pandemic, her future had been irretrievably altered, and so she lays the flowers at the altar of a new future, and grieves the one she will not have.   Time moves on, the sands of time blow in the wind and the infinite universe is before her.  Her future is unknown.

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