Galileoscope Telescope Kit

Galileoscope Telescope Kit

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Enjoy sharp views of the Moon, planets, bright stars and more with the Galileoscope telescope kit!


Special features:

  • Focuser: 1¼ barrel is compatible with standard commercial accessories, including eyepieces, Barlow lenses, and camera adapters.
  • Galilean Eyepiece: Get an authentic star-gazing experience with a magnification of 17x and a right-side-up field of view less than ½° wide.
  • 2x Barlow Lens: Increase the Galileoscope's magnification to 50x when used with the regular supplied eyepiece.

What you can see:

  • Mountains and craters on the Moon
  • Four moons circling Jupiter
  • More stars in the Pleiades and Beehive clusters than can be seen with the unaided eye
  • Saturn's rings
  • And much more!