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Okanagan Science Centre

I am in All, and All is in I (26x42)

I am in All, and All is in I (26x42)

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I am in All, and All is in I (26x42) This is a profound Rasta saying, where they believe they are at one with the universe, and that universe in turn, is part of them.  Ashton, and Kwabena are two Rastas who included us in their drumming circles, helped us paint the playground, and took us all over Grenada.  One of the places we went was a secret waterfall, deep in a forest and garden that had been forgotten after Ivan.  We walked through nutmeg trees, and cashews, and cinnamon and cocoa trees, we crossed a creek and came upon this waterfall.  Sitting by the waterfall was another Rasta, who had been picking the nutmeg, he was farming this forgotten garden.  It was a magical experience, Ashton went into the cold waters, and Kwabena and Rebecca climbed to the top of the falls.   When you are deep in a tropical rainforest, you can certainly understand the saying.  This painting was started in Grenada and had a paint over to finish the show in the cosmic theme.  (You may want to professionally stretch this piece as it was painted on raw canvas).

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