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Okanagan Science Centre

Meet & Geek- March

Meet & Geek- March

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Join OSC at Night on March 2 from  6:30pm-8pm

March 2,  join OSC with guest speaker Dr. Leanne ten Brinke from The Truth and Trust Lab at University of British Columbia. From the Truth and Trust Lab: they study whether humans can accurately discriminate friend from foe, how this process unfolds, and the conditions under which we are persuaded to place our trust in others. They utilize ethologically rich stimuli and diverse methods - including nonverbal behavioral coding, implicit cognitive tests, psychophysiological and neuroendocrine reactions - to understand how trust, affiliation, and influence unfold in the real-world. 

Members are $10.00  for this night and non-members are $15.00 *  

Members enter GEEK5 at checkout

*Includes one beverage, snacks and entertainment.

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