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Okanagan Science Centre

Playing Up the Down Staircase (20x20”)

Playing Up the Down Staircase (20x20”)

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Playing Up the Down Staircase (20x20”) After finishing the murals, we gathered several people from the village to help paint a playground.  We had three from Grenada, one from Jamaica, one from New Zealand, one from Iceland, one from England and one from Canada, our own “United Nations”.  I drew out the lines, with my “magic wand” a walking stick with chalk taped on the end, and everyone painted in the lines, hop scotches, run on the spots, mirror me and lines to follow.  The colourful playground turned a bland cement area into one of delight.  As we finished up our paint, we painted the stair as well and that is the inspiration for this painting.  This day painting the playground, was such a wonderful and fun day, we laughed we created we played the games. It was joyful and a peak experience in my life.  This painting is inspired by that day. It is a bit of an optical illusion, are you looking down, or up the stairs?

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