Space and Artemis, a talk with NASA

Space and Artemis, a talk with NASA

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Want to know more about Artemis? 

We’re going back to the Moon for scientific discovery, economic benefits, and inspiration for a new generation of explorers: the Artemis Generation. While maintaining American leadership in exploration, we will build a global alliance and explore deep space for the benefit of all. 

Join OSC for this unique talk with NASA as we explore moon exploration. 

Please note: This is an online event and will be held via zoom. There is no charge to participate, however pre-registration is required.

Campers registered in Astronaut Academy will be viewing this live as part of the camp.

 Dates: August 25 *

Times: 11:00 am- noon PST

Length of Event: 60 min

Presentation Focus: Artemis Missions

  * Note- day and time could change based on NASA's availability