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Okanagan Science Centre

The Universal Seed of Hope (24x36)

The Universal Seed of Hope (24x36)

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The Universal Seed of Hope (24x36) is a painting from a figurative series I created before going to Grenada.  At that point, being on the beach was still a dream, but I knew the Seed of Hope would guide me there.  In a previous intuitive painting, Deva Dialogue, created with fellow artist Rebecca Shepherd, a seed appeared in the painting, and I shared this story about The Seeds of Hope, about how we managed to get a ton of seeds to Grenada after Hurricane Ivan.  We approached Pacific Northwest Seeds, asking for a box of seeds to send to our Rasta gardener friend Ashton. They offered us a literal ton of seeds, and that generous offer, put us on a journey on how to get the seeds from Vernon BC to Grenada West Indies. 

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