Current Exhibits at OSC:

Critter Room: Animal area with a saltwater tank, reptiles, amphibians, freshwater axolotls and more!

Palaeontology Area: meet Vern our Ankylosaurus, explore Burgess Shale, and Dino Dig Pit. NOTE: Socks must be worn in the dig pit for sanitary reasons

Discovery Zone: Kids toddler play area, Build-A-Bug wall, and Life Cycles

Lego: Build your own race car and use our speed ramp 

Light: Shadow room, Colours and Shadows, Polarization Station, and Giant Litebrite

Sound: Explore sound through sound waves and light

Space: Space ball wall, Gyro Chair and Planetarium*

Energy: Tesla coil, Solar and Muscle Energy stations, explore circuits through maze activity

*Planetarium shows are listed under events when we have shows going. Click here.

*Gyro chair is operational when there is enough trained staff, please ask at the front desk for more information 


Coming Soon:

- Geology Rock Display


Main Gallery:

Touring Exhibit Coming SOON!

Soil Super Heroes will be from October 1st 2023 to January 7th 2024!



Please note: We are located in an old school building including a heritage building, which means we have no elevator access to our second floor.