Sleepover at the Science Centre

Hey groups, 

Guides, Scouts -- grab those pajamas and enjoy a fun science-inspired indoor camping experience inside the science centre! Take part in science-fueled activities, catch a show in the Planetarium or take in a live science demonstration!

Sleepovers include:

  • A Planetarium show
  • Facilitated hands-on programming. ( May be able to meet badge requirements)
  • Free time to explore OSC exhibit galleries.
  • An evening snack and continental breakfast the next morning
  • Full payment is required two weeks prior to the Sleepover date. All pricing is subject to GST. Additional coupons and/or passes do not apply. The Sleepover program is offered as a complete package only with no program substitutions. Sleepover dates, agenda, film, policies, price and program contents are subject to change without notice. 
  • The Sleepover experience starts at 6:00 PM and ends at 9:00 AM the next morning. Check-in for the Sleepover will open at 6:00 PM. At drop off, parents are not to leave until the group leader arrives.
  • On the Sleepover night, the formal program and time to explore the galleries runs from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.  The official wake up time is 7:00 AM the next morning, with breakfast running from 7:30 to 8:30 AM. 
  • Pick-up time is 9:00 AM the following morning. Campers will be packed, fed and ready for their departure.

Total cost $40/child ( + gst)  and no charge for adult chaperones

1 adult is required per 5 campers.