Current Gallery Show* ( Extended Until December 2021)


GET UP, TRY AGAIN, PUSH FURTHER! Welcome to the thrilling world of extreme sports. Visitors are challenged to explore some of the riskiest activities in the world.

Beyond Human Limits Lite immerses visitors in a variety of engaging and exciting sports in their natural environments. They can virtually race the backcountry slopes, balance along a highline, or test their hang time endurance. Visitors of all ages will delight in experimenting with downhill slopes and imagining what will come next in the world of extreme sports.

 Throughout the exhibition, passionate athletes explain their individual motivations, training, and resilience. Visitors can evaluate their own desire for thrill and adventure, then compare their sensation-seeking score to the featured athletes. Beyond Human Limits Lite emphasizes that for extreme athletes facing risks is secondary to the personal fulfillment they find by pursuing their passions. Visitors will leave inspired to push themselves to their own personal limits.

* Included in your membership or with regular admission


Update-New permanent exhibits:

  • Hands cant shake: Think giant operation! As you move the metal wand along the maze don't touch the sides or you will set off the alarm ( electricity and circuits- New August 2021)
  • Ball levitation: Using sound waves, watch as the ball move based on the different wave lengths- new August 2021)
  • Color shadows. Located down the hallway just past the dinosaur, Explore shadow puppets using your hands and discover different color patterns
  • Space exhibit: Universal Sandbox-using simulation software explore the galaxy and the impact planets and moons have on each other
  • Light Lab-Giant Litebrite and polarization. Explore light and color
  • Ankylosaurs -New August 2020. The animatronic dinosaur joined us last summer as we look at expanding our prehistoric gallery.
  • Robotic Arm: Explore robotics and using the controls move blocks to create a wall to block the wind flow ( will be complete June 2021)
  • Tide & Drift: Two rescue Hermit crabs have joined our animals and you can often see them hiding under the plants during the day.

Coming Soon:

  • Black holes; explore gravitational pull and what exactly a black hole is
  • Constellations: what makes up the night sky?
  • Mars Rover: using robotics explore Mars landscape
  • Expanded toddler STEM discovery space-December 2021

What is not operational right now:

  • Plane simulator: it is currently getting a much needed up date and we anticipate it will be ready late fall 2021
  • Planetarium shows which were held on Saturdays are currently on hold due to covid. We will welcome them back as soon as it is safe to do to so.