We are now offering In-School Science Field Trips!!!

Teachers, let our experienced educators bring the Okanagan Science Centre to your classroom. No hassles with permission slips and transportation, PLUS, we do all the set-up & clean-up!

Choose your curriculum appropriate In-School Field Trip(s), select your preferred date(s), and sit back and relax! Each programs is 1 hour, with an hour set-up and an hour of clean-up required. Available in SD# 22, 23, & 83!

1 program: $10/student,

2 programs: $15/student

Transportation free within 15 km of the Okanagan Science Centre. Flat rate to other communities:

Kelowna $55

West Kelowna $66

Salmon Arm $67

For other communities please call 250-545-3644

Cancellation Policy

One week notice is required to cancel or make changes to your program choice. A $50 cancellation fee will be charged if programming is cancelled within one week, with the exception of a cancellation due to COVID-19. 


In-School Science Field Trip Descriptions

Light & Sound (Grade 1) What are the properties of light and sound? How are they similar? Different? Discover this and more with exciting activities!

Insect Mania (Grade 1 - 3) What are the basic needs of insects? Discover how their features help them survive and adapt to their environments. 

Properties of Matter (Grade 1- 4) What makes the properties of matter useful? How can these properties change? What are the phases of matter?

Water (Every)Where? (Grade 2) Why is water important to all living things? How does it cycle through the environment? Explore local water issues and construct a filtration device to turn polluted water clear.

Earth & Erosion (Grade 3) Simulate ages of erosion and change landforms all with the power of water.

Thermal Energy (Grade 3-4) Discover the true nature of heat: what it is, how it is created, and how it can be transferred.

Transforming Energy (Grade 4) How do we make energy work for us? Discover the many ways to make useful electricity from different energy sources.

Human Anatomy (Grade 5) Explore human anatomy. Learn the basic structures and functions of the digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

Solutions & Solubility (Grade 5) Uncover one of the keys of chemistry as you control the properties of solutions through their concentrations.

Heterogeneous Mixtures (Grade 6) Scientifically determine the properties of different materials then use your skill and imagination to manipulate and separate them.

Newton's Laws (Grade 6) Investigate Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. Learn the relationship between force and motion with hands-on activities.

Electromagnetic Force (Grade 7) What is a magnet? What is electricity? What is electromagnetic force? How is it generated?

Electrifying Electricity (Grade 7) What is electricity? What are its properties? How can we use and control it? Find out for yourself with hands-on science and circuits!